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For students

Find the perfect fit for your passionate career.

Career Dot, India’s best career guidance for students, helps and guides students to build a stable and happy career that enables them to live a peaceful and fulfilling life following their passions and interests. We have successfully helped many students choose the best subject combinations and join the top schools in India.

What do you wish to become in the future? Everyone has faced this question since their childhood days, and the answers may change as they grow. Most of the students find it difficult to give the right answer to the question from class 8 & 9. But it will not happen to you anymore because the best career consultants in India are with you to guide you towards a successful career.

Every student has different abilities and passions that totally differ from each other. So each student needs a unique approach to career counselling. Career Dot offers tailored career consulting for each student. We provide the best online career consulting for students from class 8 to graduates by analysing their true passion through the most effective interest tests. We enlighten students about their passions and make them aware of their talents and innate abilities. Through one-on-one personalised career consulting, students will get a complete idea of the vast ocean of opportunities they have in the future that can align with their passion and give them a fulfilling and happy life.

How We Work


Get to know

When you approach us with the confusion about career, we will conduct interest tests to discover your passions, interests, and talents.


Get the best career counselling

After analysing the results, you will get the best personalized career consultation in India about the opportunities for your career.


Take steps towards your career

After getting the best career counselling, you will be able to decide what you should do, where and which course you should study.

We Support Students to Choose the Best Passion-Fit Career

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Age 13-15

We specially focus on providing the best career consulting for students ages 13 to 15, helping them discover their passions. Through personalized sessions and assessments, we empower teens to make informed decisions about their future, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to pursue fulfilling and successful careers.

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After 10th

We, at Career Dot, realise that every child is unique and has their own talents and passions. Therefore, Through our one-on-one personalised career counselling, we primarily understand passion and help students choose the right stream after 10th, which can support them in living a fruitful life by following their passion.

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After 12th

Career Dot, Kerala’s best career counselling firm, provides perfect support and guidance for students who are confused about what after 12th. We help students identify their real passion and build a successful career. By providing proper insights into rewarding courses, they will be able to choose the most suitable course.

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Are you a graduate and do not have a proper idea of what to do next? Kerala’s best career consulting firm is here to help you. We will guide you with proper information about the best job opportunities of your graduated subjects as well as the possibilities of higher studies. We will enable you to crack an interview and get a secure job.

  • Interview preparation
  • Financial advice
  • Lifetime support
  • Career consultation
  • Career planning
  • Job search strategies
  • Overseas education

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Overseas Education

Kerala’s best career consulting firm offers expert guidance to students seeking study abroad opportunities. We provide personalized consultations, helping students explore suitable study abroad programs, and align their academic goals with their career aspirations, ensuring a seamless transition to a global educational experience.

  • Admission assistance
  • Life-time support
  • Financial advice
  • Job search strategies
  • Career counselling
  • Career planning
  • Career guidance
Career guidance for students

Benefits of Career Counselling from us

  • Get to know your ability & talents
  • Choosing the right path for your profession
  • Guidance for the next step in your career
  • Developing a plan to achieve your goal
  • Realization of making wrong career decisions
  • Get advice on developing a focused career path

Outcomes After Career Counselling

  • Right course selection
  • Best career guidance
  • Clarity about career
  • Clarity about long-term career path
  • Determines passion & area of interest
  • Overall idea about the courses related to the interests
Career guidance for students

Happy Clients

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One of the choices I made was to join Career Dot and get to know and communicate with their expert team.
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Dr. Issac Thomas sir inspired me to choose my profession of my interests, and the whole team helped me succeed.
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agina charles
I was wondering how I realised my passion through counselling and now I am having the fulfilment in my tourism profession.
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alaka ajimon

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